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PaTi►PaTi Coming 2010 SuG Q&A

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PaTi►PaTi Coming 2010 SuG Q&A

Post by NATSU on Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:32 pm

Q00: Question
T: Takeru
M: masato
Y: yuji
C: Chiyu
S: shinpei

Q01: What is your childhood dream?
T: Novelist.
M: I wanted to be a gymnast.
Y: I wanted to be Tunnels. [A japanese comedy duo.]
C: Professional baseball player or orca tamer.
S: Superhero.

Q02: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?
T: A cameraman.
M: A beauty artist.
Y: I would work in a factory in my hometown or something.
C: Orca trainer.
S: I wanted to be a systems engineer or something like that.

Q03: Is there something to jinx yourself with? [Not sure how to translate this, but if you know what jinx is, you should be able to get the idea.]
T: Nothing really.
M: I only catch a cold once every three years.
Y: I weight train and play the guitar often.
C: Until just before a live, I smoke and am not nervous.
S: Nothing!

Q04: Who is your rival?

T: G-DRAGON .(laugh)
M: Kirishou-kun. [Golden Bomber’s Kiryuuin Shou.]
Y: Mukku. (Ponkikki) [A character from the children’s show Ponkikki.]
C: I have many.
S: I’m currently accepting applications.

Q05. What is your nickname?

T: Buru. It’s another way of reading 武瑠.
M: Maatan. If you noticed, it was maatan. [I am not sure how to translate that.]
Y: Private. (Also, all of the members at lives and radio appearances, etc. don’t call him by a nickname.)
C: Secret.
S: Pei-san. Someone in SuG started to call me that. Who? (laugh)

Q06: What must you do before a live?

T: Sit-ups and stretch my back muscles.
M: Stretch.
Y: Do nothing.
C: Until just before we start, I smoke and stretch.
S: Brush my teeth.

Q07: Your theme song of the day?

T: Buddha-sama. […This must be a joke that goes right over my head.]
M: It was Marilyn Manson.
Y: Mister by KARA.
C: Mister by KARA.
S: Mujouken Koufukuron.

Q08: Favorite food?

T: Avocado.
M: Hamburger.
Y: Raw meat, mochi.
C: Katsudon. [Deep fried pork]
S: Meat.

Q09: Least favorite food?

T: Natto. [Fermented soy bean dish]
M: Tomato, cucumber.
Y: Oyster.
C: Tomato, eggplant.
S: Vegetables.

Q10: Coffee or tea?

T: Coffee. [He says “cofi” instead of the Japanese word “cohi.”]
M: Tea.
Y: Tea.
C: Coffee.
S: Green tea! (laughs) [The question refers to black tea, so he’s chosen something that wasn’t an option.]

Q11: Something from your birthplace you want to brag about?

T: Udon.
M: Famous Japanese pears.
Y: I think the public order was good.
C: Koshien is there. [Famous baseball stadium which hosts national high school tournaments.]
S: Where I was born was really rural!

Q12: Favorite season?

T: The time between autumn and winter.
M: Spring.
Y: Spring!!
C: Winter.
S: Spring.

Q13: The person you most want to meet now?

T: SOPHIA’s Matsuoka-san.
M: hide-san.
Y: Nomi-san. [Appears on the Japanese comedy show Hatarku Ossan Gekijou.]
C: GLAY-san.
S: An alpaca.

Q14: A challenge you’d like to take on now?

T: To write a novel.
M: Snowboarding.
Y: Fly-fishing.
C: Saxophone.
S: Segway driving.

Q15: What if you won 300,000,000 yen in the lottery?

T: I would run away overseas.
M: I would buy My Studio and vintage guitars, etc.
Y: I would quit being in bands.
C: I would donate it to Pony Canyon?
S: I want to ride in a sports car.

Q16: What animal do you think you are like?

T: Panther.
M: Dog.
Y: Malayan sun bear.
C: Horse.
S: Toy dog.

Q17: Your strong point?

T: My crazy ideas.
M: My skillful fingers.
Y: I’m pretty patient.
C: I can read airs.
S: I look kind at first glance. (laughs)

Q18: Weak point?

T: Horribly forgetful.
M: My reflexes are…
Y: I’m annoying.
C: Quick-temperedness.
S: Forgetfulness.

Q19: What do you think you were in your previous life?

T: An Amazoness.
M: Something like an aristocrat.
Y: Japanese.
C: Human. (Male)
S: An alpaca.

Q20: Your best subject in school?

T: Japanese.
M: History.
Y: Home economics.
C: Physical education, art.
S: Math.

Q21: Have you ever written a loveletter?

T: Once when I was five.
M: No.
Y: Nope.
C: No.
S: No!

Q22: The thing you hate most in the world?

T: Cockroaches.
M: Grotesque things.
Y: Cockroaches!!
C: Weird taxi drivers.
S: Cockroaches.

Q23: One thing you can’t live without.

T: Having crazy ideas.
M: Guitar and other music.
Y: RPG games.
C: Cigarettes.
S: Warm tea.

Q24: Favorite anime/manga?

T: Right now, Moteki. [Romantic comedy about a man with several woman suddenly after him.]
Y: Sugoi yo!! Masarusan. [Manga about a martial arts club who uses distraction techniquesl rather than fighting style to defeat opponents. I don’t get it either.]
C: FAIRY TAIL, One Piece.
S: One Piece.

Q25: The first CD you bought?

T: SOPHIA’s “Machi.”
M: zilch.
Y: GLAY’s “pure soul.”
C: GLAY’s “Zutto Futari de…?”
S: Spitz’ “Robinson.”

Q26: Your latest, most-moving live?

T: Oh, August 29th, SuG’s C.C.Lemon Hall Oneman.
M: Golden Bomber.
Y: None really.
C: August 29th’s C.C.Lemon.
S: Golden Bomber.

Q27: Favorite book/author?

T: Ishida Ira-san.
M: Ishida Ira-san’s work was interesting.
Y: Usuta Kyousuke-dsn.
C: I don’t really read.
S: I don’t read novels.

Q28: Favorite television program?

T: “Tokyo Kawaii★TV.”
M: In my home, it’s “Zoom-In!!”
Y: “Hataraku Ossan Gekijou.”
C: Funny things.
S: I only watch the news…

Q29: Favorite movie?

T: “Boys on the Run.”
M: “Back to the Future.”
Y: “Goonies.”
C: “Summer Woes.”
S: “Laputa: The Castle in the Sky.”

Q30: Favorite comedian?

T: Jarujaru [ ]
M: Matsumoto Hitoshi-san [ The bald one… I think he’s hilarious.]
Y: Tunnels-san [ ]
C: Downtown and Samaaa~zu [Downtown is Matsumoto and Hamada’s show; Samaaa~zu ]
S: Black Mayonnaise [ ]

Q31: Boke or tsukkomi?
[Refers to a style of Japanese comedy, manzai, in which the boke acts silly while the tsukkomi tries to correct him. Tsukkomi is typically violent towards the boke.]
T: Tsukkomi.
M: Boke.
Y: Boke.
C: Tsukkomi.
S: If I had to choosee one, tsukkomi.

Q32: Your boom now?
[A boom is basically fixating on one thing for a period of time; a fad.]
T: Soba. [Noodle dish.]
M: Mini yonku. [Model cars that operate in four-wheel drive.]
Y: Smilage. [Idol group]
C: Appreciating movies on DVD.
S: Wii.

Q33: A song you sing often at karaoke?

T: “GO-ON” by UVERworld.
M: I don’t sing.
Y: I’ve never sung anything.
C: Mizora Hibari’s “Kawa no Nagare no You ni”
S: Mr. Children.

Q34: Reccomended date spot?

T: Home.
M: The beach.
Y: A widely known park.
C: Kamogawa Seaworld.
]S: Odaiba? (laugh) [A metropolitan island in Tokyo Bay.]

Q35: Someone or something you want to revive?
T: JUDY AND MARY. [A popular rock band that broke up in 2001.]
M: hide-san.
Yuji: HUNTERxHUNTER. [A popular anime which ended in 2001.]
C: Good fortune at slots.

Q36: Stress-relief technique?

T: None.
M: Playing with mini-yonku.
Y: Sleep.
C: Seeing the orca at Kamogawa Seaworld.
S: Playing video games at home.

Q37 Is your computer Mac or Windows?

T: Mac.
M: I use either.
Y: Mac.
C: Mac.
S: Mac.

Q38: Favorite sushi?

T: Salmon, tuna, engawa. [Engawa is… as far as I can tell… a wooden porch. So I’m not sure.]
M: Salmon marinade.
Y: Striped jack, filefish.
C: Medium-fat tuna.
S: Eel.

Q39: Someone you respect?

T: Murakami Ryuu-san. [Novelist and filmmaker.]
M: hide-san.
Y: Gary Oldman-san. [British actor and filmmaker.]
C: J-san and Aki-san. [LUNA SEA and Sid respectively]
S: Mike Portnoy-san. [Ex-Drummer of Dream Theater, apparently worked with a number of other American bands.]

Q40: When are you happy?

T: Before I fall asleep.
M: At a live.
Y: When I eat a lot of garlic with beef sashimi.
C: When I watch orcas.
S: When I’m in bed.

Q41: What is your rate of survival? [Not sure what this refers to.]
T: 5%
M: 5%
Y: 30%
C: 40%
S: 80%

Q42: What is something you do for your health?
T: Aojiru, soy milk, vegetables. [Aojiru is a vegetable juice made from kale.]
M: My health is pretty good, so I do things like rinse my mouth to prevent [illness].
Y: Anything that isn’t too much.
C: I drink milk.
S: I eat.

Q43: Something you didn’t like as a child but like now?
T: Asparagus.
M: Lettuce.
Y: Temples and shrines.
C: Red pickled ginger.
S: Sushi (lean meat).

Q44: The thing you cook best?
T: Pasta.
M: Eggs sunny-side up. (laughs)
Y: Sapporo Ichiban Instant Miso Ramen.
C: Eggs.
S: Double cheeseburger.

Q45: What do you do to take care of the environment?
T: I don’t use my air conditioner.
M: I turn off the lights.
Y: I don’t leave the lights on.
C: I don’t really use the air conditioner.
S: My car is in eco-mode.

Q46: What do you sleep in?
T: Nightgown.
M: Jersey.
Y: Top and bottom sweats.
C: Sweats.
S: Normal pajamas.

Q47: What must you do before bed?
T: Check my homepage.
M: Set my alarm!
Y: Set my timer!!
C: Because I smoke, clean my teeth.
S: I rub my eyes a lot.

Q48: The most relaxed place?
T: On my bed.
M: My room.
Y: My bed.
C: Home.
S: My room.

Q49: An interesting dream you had lately?
T: A dream where I was in unrequited love with everyone I met.
M: a dream where I went on a field trip.
Y: My classmate was AKB.
C: I received Zoro’s swords (2 somehow).
S: My face became stuck in water and I couldn’t move.

Q50: Where in Japan would you liked to visit?
T: Onomichi [City in Hiroshima known for its temples.]
M: Okinawa
Y: Nara, Kyoto
C: Okinawa
S: Nikko [Small town in Tochigi prefecture; also known for temples.]

Q51: Where would you like to visit overseas?
T: NY.
M: America.
Y: Sedona [Apparently a town in Arizona, USA.]
C: Australia.
S: Dubai.

Q52: If you could bring only one thing to a deserted island with you, what would it be?
T: iPhone.
M: Rice.
Y: Doraemon. [Classic Japanese children’s show character; Doraemon has a magic pouch which always carries something useful to any given situation.]
C: Cigarettes.
Shinpei: Internet circuit.

Q53: Which kanji do you like?
T: 泰山and北斗(Taizan/Large mountain and Hokuto/the name of a city)
M: 音(On, Oto, ne/sound)
Y: 肉 (Niku/meat)
C: 俺 (Ore/masculine form of I, Me)
S: 寝 (Ne/Sleep)

Q54: If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you eat?
T: Kushikatsu. [Deepfried skewers of meat]
M: Expensive sushi.
Y: Beef sashimi.
C: My mother’s cooking.
S: Rice.

Q55: The most interesting thing you’ve experienced lately?
T: The new PV. [Mujouken Koufukuron at the time.]
M: The sounded I wanted to put out during recording was put out.
Y: Lord of Arcana.
C: yuji’s Pepsiman gag.
S: Mario on Wii.

Q56: Latest most irritating experience?
T: My lateness.
M: I haven’t been irritated!
Y: My equipment’s pitch was bad.
C: The lane of the road to the studio was changed.
S: My last car.

Q57: Is there something that made you cry recently?
T: “5 Centimeters per Second” made me cry. [An anime about a boy and a girl who fall in love and are separated.]
M: No.
Y: I never cry!!
C: Maybe watching movies or dramas.
S: My contacts were so sore I cried.

Q58: What are you most impatient with lately?
T: Things I forget.
M: Not really anything.
Y: Not being in time for train transfers.
C: Forgetting my wallet and phone.
S: When I sleeping in late.

Q59: Your most painful memory?
T: When my tooth broke.
M: When I was little, I hurt my head.
Y: Bone fracture.
C: When I was on a boys’ baseball league, a white batted ball. [I’m assuming that he was hit by one, and that he uses white to distinguish hard ball from soft ball.]
S: Calculus. (laughs)

Q60: The best news of 2010?
T: Major debut.
M: Major debut.
Y: Nao from Maximum the Hormone had a baby.
C: Major debut.
S: SuG major debut.

Q61: Please “tweet” something.
T: McDonalds now.
M: In makeup now.
Y: I want to eat sushi.
C: The rain is no good~
S: Rushing now.

Q62: Say one thing to PaTi-PaTi!
T: Thanks for everything! [He uses aszasu instead of arigatou gozaimasu… lazy Japanese slang]
M: Thank you very much for everything! From now on, please support SuG!
Y: Thank you so much for all your help.
C: We’ll do our best, please let this prediction come true. (laugh)
S: Please put us on the front cover.

--Translation Credit: NATSU子 for Papicoz Unite

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Re: PaTi►PaTi Coming 2010 SuG Q&A

Post by Kiyomi on Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:01 pm

Q57: Is there something that made you cry recently?
T: “5 Centimeters per Second” made me cry.

I already said this on the old forum, but this really made me happy, because I cried over that as well and all my friends that watched it too thought I was crazy for crying over it.

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