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J-SPY Magazine Vol.12 No.132 January 2011

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J-SPY Magazine Vol.12 No.132 January 2011

Post by Crimson_Neeko on Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:35 pm

This interview doesn't belong to me I found it in the Fuck Yeah SuG tumblr and the translator is kibi_pewters. With SuG,LM.C and ViViD.
this interview is really fun xD

Konnichiwa…just formally greeting to all of your guys. How was the concert yesterday? How were Thai fans?

Takeru: They’re fabulous. I never thought that we will have that much audience so I’m happy and surprise.

Shinpe: Even the place is so broad; people are coming to see all of us exceed the area. That’s great!

Reno: Normally, we play only indoors live but this is the first outdoors live the weather is so hot. Anyways, it such a fun and impressive match.

Are you surprise that your fans can sing you song!!!?

Takeru: That so brilliant, how can they do that!?

Maya: When someone has dedicated their time to learn and sing in another language that not their mother tongue. The only thing that could be motivated is love. If they’re not loves us so they won’t do it.

Aiji: So please gather together Maya will paid for the meal.

How come … won’t you help him to pay for the bill?

Aiji: Maya, he is rich as he not buying any instruments like me.

Maya: If your guys come to Shibuya I will paid for that … but pay for you own air ticket (laugh).

Last year SuG have already been introducing them with J-spy. Today we are going to introduce LM.C and ViViD to our reader.

Shin: Hi! We are ViViD, we have 5 members with differences character compared to 5 colors. For our music genre is Melodic Mixture Rock with basically nice melody.

Maya: The most describable thing to LM.C is our live because it can be easily understand than any explanations. Lately, I thought LM.C must play live to audiences to they will easily get it.

If asking to said about one another in characteristic?

Maya: (Make a glance to Aiji from Head to Toe) …. Aiji he look alike Japanese football player (laugh) He taking such a good care of his guitar. He is the top guitarist in Japan but sometime befuddle.

Aiji: What! … My image is getting worse.

Maya: You see that, He now scares other to misunderstand him (laugh).

Aiji: Maya, he is so cruel, as now we are in the interviews he still said something like this so, what you think about him? How he is? (laugh). If said for his singing talent. He good at it but not the first rank in Japan but to be proud of oneself I would give him the first rank in Japan (laugh).

Just now listens to your senior talks, what about the junior it yours turn?

Shin: I will talk about Iv, when he perform on stage compared to backstage his character is totally difference to 180 degree. He is inarticulate but very kind. His muscular has build for protecting the girls.

Iv: (Quick response for defensive) Shin, he always beloved by all girls. Good at singing and he has his own aura that hard to find in thousands may find only one.

Ryoga: Shin is good looking. I’m so proud to have him as a singer.

Shin: Too much I’m shy now and goose bump too.

Reno: He is so proud of himself and so talkative.

Ko-Ki: He also forgetful but anyways he is cute.

Iv: Reno is quite responsible, reliable, he can hold on and solve the problems in that situation well with his leadership character.

Reno: People will see Ryoga as quiet character but with close friends he so lively, sometime he is concern.

Shin: Ryoga really love fan club, but sometime he like to update something curious to his blog. I’m usually found it.

Ryoga: Ko-Ki, he is clever with tricky, he passionate to his aim to be success.

Reno: Ko-Ki good at graphic and outfit design, he always be the part of cover design.

Shin: Yes! He is the brain of ViViD.

Are your guys dare to going out in vest, knee breeches with no eyes brown?

Aiji: Fine! Actually, I’m just wearing T-shirt and Jeans.

Maya: If I’m not working. I usually dress up with my outfit quite the same with live outfit not too much accessories or not less than this.

Aiji: Really!!. Why I always saw you wearing gym suit like you are going for physical education (laugh).

Seeing both of you kidding each other, Have you ever quarrel?

Aiji + Maya: Never

Aiji: I remember once, at that time Maya and I when off for a trip to Malaysia then I leave him to stay in sun bathing alone without applying sun block. And I apply sun block in the toilet. The result is he got sun burn so he sulk me.

So his skin got burn by that?

Aiji: I just want to know that if we are not applying sun block what will happen? It calls science experiment by using friend as a guinea pig. (laugh)

Maya: I won’t go any tropical country with Aiji anymore.

Aiji: If not going for work, we aren’t going together. People might misunderstand that we are gay.

From yesterday, you said that LM.C is much smarter that you’re junior (SuG, ViViD). Which part of your body can be guaranteed?

Maya: My hair style, myself, all of my body is smart! (11 guys are all laugh for Maya answer and his face expression as he so proud of himself that he born to be smart this much).

Since you are debut, what is now change in presently?

Masato: Lot of improvements; can handle the problems and situation well especially when going abroad.

Chiyu: Same with Masato, we have face with many problems so we thought problems are just fun to solve and just enjoy it not to keep it in mind.

Shinpe; When I am newly debut, I thought that I’m quite busy, but now I know how to organize the time and life to work effectively.

Takeru: I feel that I’m taller 1 cm. (smile with deep dimple)

Yuji: For me I’m quite smart (laugh) Just kidding nothing change I’m what I’m.

Heard that Takeru now very interesting in dancing are you going to make a boy-band concept in your next albums?

Takeru: Not that much. Actually I like dancing, so the next single I will put more dance part.

Is there someone you want to battle?

Takeru: G-Dragon BigBang, Britney Spear and Lady GaGa (laugh)

Yuji: Dress in (Hainanese) Chicken Rice outfit to fight with GaGa (laugh)

Yuji … you are so funny! Be with you is so happy!!

Yuji: Really!? Then can you find (Hainanese) Chicken Rich CF for me? (Admit that he really obsessed by (Hainanese) Chicken Rice).

Let’s talk with Chiyu … it seem your figure is quite good; guess that you often go to fitness?

Chiyu: You’re wrong, Yuji he like going to fitness. My figure is really normal base on standard but to compare with people around here … I seem to be muscular. (While glance his eyes to Shinpei).

Just now his answer it referred to you. It might use lot of power for playing drums right?

Shinpe: I don’t know. I’m just used to it, if playing for long time I not feel exhausted.

There is one more thing to tell you from your fan (SuG) … they voted that Masato has the sweetest looking.

Masato: (bowing with shy to accept the vote). I’m happy, so I will use it to captivate my fans.

What were your guys imagine about Thailand before you came here?

Maya: At first I were thought the same as the foreigners who visit Japan that it must have ninja or samurai (laugh) … I thought it would feel it’s something simple but when I arrived I saw the building is much more huge and higher than Japan.

Reno: If talking about Thailand, I would thought of the country that eat a bugs like fried grasshopper and fried bamboo worm.

Oh … I have to clarify that in reality we having rice as our main dish!! … the bugs are all the local snack like OTOP product.

Reno: Well, I have seen it on Japanese TV

Maya: Now I think of Tom-Yam Goong (spicy prawn soup). My friends said it is the must if you go to Thailand.

Aiji: Spicy prawn soup with milk is great!

Now, K-pop trend is coming so strong. What do you think that it is the charming point of Japan artist to capture all fans?

Aiji: First, we never thought that Korean artists are our competitors. Many Korean artists I also listen like Kara, Bigbang, 4minute and After School I used to saw them at Singapore. They gave me CD so I listen to it.

Takeru: Actually, we wouldn’t think to fight with other. Korean songs or K-pop as everyone knows they just combine the structure of America and changing the language then Korean song seem to be more international, people easily accepting it but for Japan we have unique and special character. People who like it so they like. So it we have no need to change people will come to us

At this time12 hot guy from Japan is here. Why don’t we make it hotter by asking girls in idea type from them? If you have fall in love with the same girl, what would you do?

Ryoga: It must be disband (laugh)

Shin: I’m just leaving. I don’t want to lose my work because of one girl.

Reno: Giving her chance to switching between us. It would be fine for not disbanding (laugh)

Maya: I will give up for my friend

Aiji: Don’t believe him! He just acting to give up but after time he still connecting with her (Maya got bombards)

Maya: We don’t have the same idea type. Aiji’s idea type is cutie girl who are responsible, friendly, short or small body.

Aiji: Too short isn’t that good (laugh). For Maya’s idea type is very girly or Lolita style.

Oh…you like Lolita style that why you always having Chupa Chups with you?

Maya: I like it because it can be control. Other candy we can control them then it just lay on the tough. Chupa Chups we can lick when ever we want and it is a plastic stalk that never rots.

Will you do it!? If your girl begging you to place a tattoo on your body in her name?

Chiyu: Japanese guy who have tattoo. It seems to be gangster.

Aiji: I don’t know what to do for!? May be Maya will place it under his foot (laugh).

Maya: Are you crazy!! With much love it must be placing at the forehead like Kiniku Man.

One day if you broke up!?

Maya: Not that hard … just cut the bangs to hide it and you must be careful don’t’ let your hair fall (laugh).

Iv: If she begging so I will do it on my hip.

Ryoga: at occiput is good idea.

Ko-Ki: Can I change to asking her to place my name in tattoo (Gosh! He such a good owner to show off his girl)

If you forgot her birthday what would you do!?

Aiji: Use money to solve the problem. What do you want, I will buy for you.

Maya: If reconcile doesn’t work. I’ll sit still to watch her getting mad when she tried so she will stop.

Takeru: I will speak in sweetened mode to reconcile “Darling … everyday is important because I have you don’t be serious for just your birth day.”

Masato: I will say sorry till she thaws.

Chiyu: Said that I didn’t forgot it but to got her a present it must take time “You see …your present it still unfinished you have to wait to next week”. (He dies laughing with his answer that so bad idea to say out).

Iv: I won’t date with the girl who I can’t remember her birth day.

Ryoga: If she sulk!? So just seize her and kiss. (This answer would make many girls gone mad).

While you enjoy shopping, you have found your girl dating with another man!!!?

Takeru: First thing is to get evidence by taking their photo.

Yuji: In this case I might cry.

Reno: Nothing to say!! Just stop relationship with her and fade away.

Shin: I’ll check it out. If it true I’ll revenge.

Iv: Kill both (laughing).

Maya: I’m not that hardcore. Just make pace for the world.

Which type of girl you will date her Sexy or Healthy?

Maya: I’m not mind just good looking for the first point (laughing).

Aiji: Healthy, If I’m dating a girl who always ill it would feel depress. Healthy is much better.

(The less choosing Sexy) … adding comment by

Reno: Over that she must be beautiful because most of beautiful girls are sexy.

Now it time ~!! To say bye any comment or word for J-spy fans and VK fans?

Chiyu: We would come often if your guys listen to our song more and more.

Iv: Please support us through our music and lyric.

Aiji: Normally, LM.C won’t come to promote any tour. I mean we never come without playing live but as we hope a lot in Thailand here, so we come to you. Please, support us we will blast happiness together.

Maya: In 2010, Thai people have faced many good and bad problems. In year 2011 I wish you to have full of happiness and great music. So I want to meet everyone in LM.C concert come and joy us to be the best beginning.


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